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it's been aggressively cracking down on prostitution and whenever it receives a complaint, they typically send undercover officers to that location within the same day. at the intersection of 11th and k, i'm tisha thompson, fox 5 news. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11 nstarts right now. >> reporter: senator ted kennedy joining his brothers at their final resting place. arlington national cemetery, a moving burial service following a day of soul-touching tributes. tonight, the final farewell. thank you for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. thousands of people who knew senator ted kennedy and many who didn't gather to say
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goodbye. matt ackland is live at arlington national semtear wet the latest. matt? >> reporter: what a beautiful service throughout the district. let me take you through what happened in the area. kennedy's casket arrived at andrews air force base this afternoon and then the procession led to the u.s. capitol to the steps on the senate side where thousands of staffers and members of the public gathered for a final goodbye, a prayer, a song and then the procession came across the memorial bridge here to arlington national cemetery where senator kennedy was buried where he wanted to be, close to his two brothers. far from the state he represented, he was not just a senator who represented massachusetts but a leader loved nationwide. as the hearse approached, a huge crowd erupted in applaud.
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-- applause. [ applause ] >> i just had to come and say goodbye to teddy. >> reporter: barbara willis johnson drove down from delaware to thank senator kennedy for his service. she said it was his influence that helped bring civil rights to america nd the first african-american to the white house. >> when he went to barack and told barack and didn't endorse hillary, that was a shock to some people. but what he did, he saw a light that would shine for the next 40 years. who waited hours in the heat told us they never met him in person but knew his work in the senate made their lives better. >> he represented the conscience of the nation. he was constantly calling america -- . >> he helped support the immigrants, he was there for any family that called upon him. >> reporter: these ladies from boston, all registered nurses,
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made t-shirts to honor their fallen senator and hope this outpouring of bipartisan love for kennedy won't be forgotten as lawmakers try to eastern out a healthcare plan as kennedy dropped of. >> healthcare is a huge crisis in our country and we have to continue to work to get this started. >> the tribute in our area was running two hours late. what a wonderful delay it was. the burial service here took place just as the sun was going down, making a beautiful backdrop. a kennedy's grail look like his brother robert -- grave will look like his brother robert's grave with a simple cross and headstone. matt ackland, fox 5 news. maureen? >> a fitting farewell. thank you, matt, for that. the final farewell ended at arlington national cemetary and began earlier this morning with a two-hour funeral mass in
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boston. the president who delivered the eulogy said the country lost the great of the legislator of our time and the family lost its foundation. kennedy's grandchildren, nieces and nephews offered brief players and the sons shared personal memories. >> my father taught me that even our most profound losses are survivable. >> through his own suffering that kennedy was more alive to the light and suffering of others. >> he's -- packed for lawmakers, including three of the former living presidents. a big story coverage doesn't stop here. we have more on senator kennedy's life and legacy on our website. go to also at 11 tonight, montgomery county police are searching for the driver who ran down two women and took off. the hit-and-run happened this morning on capitol view avenue in silver spring. two woman were crossing the street here when they were hit and the car actually dragged one of them more than 100 fight. police tell us the driver left behind a crucial clue, a front-
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end grill is believed to have come from a black toyota suv or pickup truck. >> the driver is not -- did not stop or remain on the scene. there was no way this driver would not have known he had struck those two women. >> investigators are appealing to auto body shop workers in our area to be on the lookout for a black toyota suv. the police tell us that both women were seriously hurt and they are expected to survive. there are more questions than answers tonight in the murder of a d.c. business owner. we're everywhere at 11. investigators erect -- arrested the 26-year-old robinson of capitol i'll heights, charging her with murder. the police havno motive and the death of 44-year-old shahabuden rana's murder, the owner and operator of a 24-hour pizza mart in northeast. the brother found him unconscious inside the business on august 18th. all the doors were locked. it was not clear if it had surveillance video.
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opponents of afghan president karzai may not accept the results of the country's president if he emerges with more than 50% of the vote. that would be enough to ward a runoff against his top challenger. his opponent is -- [ indiscernible ] charges of fraud. new concerns of the spread the so-called swine flu virus, comes after birds in chile tested positive for the h1n1 virus. poultry farms elsewhere in the world could be affected. they worry that it could mix with more dangeus strains but there is some good news in all of this. the virus is no more than the average seasonal flu. a birthday bash honoring michael jackson. thousands of fans gathered under the soggy new york skies for a block party and didn't slow them down one pit. check them out here. what a celebration, marking what would have been his 51st birthday. still, filmmaker spike lee hosted the event and directed two of jackson's iconic videos.
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actor and comedienne tracy morgan was on hand for the tribute. at 11, you're enjoying the good life and you want to pay it forward. tonight, the website we'll link you with to help you find volunteering jobs, something not always easy to find. that is coming up in our cyberedge report. hi, gwen. >> a few spotty storms tonight. what about your sunday? the full forecast is just ahead. it's never too early to start saving up for christmas.
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>> some of you seeing a few spotty storms tonight. had heavy downpours here. look to the south. we have a line of a few isolated storms and showers popping up. the cold front to the west of us. that is going to move through and also, to the east another batch of those storms. these were pretty heavy along the i-95 corridor earlier and now they're hitting areas towards del mask a. let's look at true view. what is left -- del marva. let's look at true view. danny pushing across the canadian maritime and left a fair amount of rain along the northeastern corridor in the path and blown up. really, not much of a punch with that system anymore. let's go to our weather map. the temperature tonight not bad. fairly mild into the 70s pretty much everywhere. 77 degrees in the district; 73 at dulles and 73 at baltimore. and we're going to keep an eye on the frontal system and that is going to slide across the area and stall out and just
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basically sit there for a couple of days. unfortunately, a number of low pressure systems will ride along it and it will cause unsettled weather into midweek and tomorrow, we'll have sunshine, could see a passing shower over lower southern maryland into the early part of your sunday and be prepared for that if that is where you are. as far as your planner is concerned, 82 by midday and we're talking about a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. a fair amount in the sunshine department and bright skies for you if you have plans at all. temperatures, 85 degrees for your sunday and as i said, the waves of low pressure will leave us unsettled on tuesday and wednesday with a chance of a storm and a ridge of high pressure builds in late week and brings us back to dry conditions. no complaints by thursday. 79 degrees with sunshine in just a few clouds. will, maureen? >> looking good, gwen. thank you. you know, will, sometimes it's not all about you, you know? feels good to give back to the community, wouldn't you say? >> i try. you want to do your part, too and don't know exactly where to start?
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tonight's cyberedge just for us. [ laughter ] >> fox's regina lewis shows how you don't have to be rich to be a philanthropist. >> reporter: hello, a group of individuals from the technology marketing and public sectors have come together to launch the first-ever craig's list- style search engine for volunteerism. the site brings together listings from a variety of organizations to help people connect to volunteering opportunities. users can invite friends to join in and share in volunteering activities by signing in with existing accounts they created, including google, aol, aim and yahoo!. while most americans are familiar with brand-name charities, the red cross -- can name a single foundation. enter a new sign that begins to inspire everyone to ph anil philanthropist. shares the stories from the 72,0 foundations and their
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good work. >> philanthropy project in partnership with aol news today created a state-of-the-art virtual gathering place with all the news and tools you need to become a philanthropist. find real-time pictures on the web by a twitter-powered -- the site was a major hub of activity during the iran election dispute. a citizens journalist provided immediate images of the event and there doesn't have to be a major news story going on. type in youriery and watch as the images load. just remember, there is not any editing. u get all the image being sent in, even those that may not be safe for vowing at work or around children. for more on the website featured in this cyberedge report, go to and look for the web link on the main page. >> i didn't mean that crack. you really do give back in so many ways. yeah. that ds it -- just kidding. that is it for us.
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for more information 24/7. you know i love you. fox 5 news is always on. t that is going st cocktails nkeaicchicn wings. >> ll o> aht rig >> all right, look for us online as , maureen said and geico thwestth a wh ite member of our fox 5 team, lindsay murray is two minutes away. back tomorrow at 6, 10 and 11. bye-bye. (mom) for just $9, you can get them shoes from names like danskin now and starter.
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[screaming] >> everything you got! every single play!
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♪ ♪ >> good evening, welcome to another edition of geico sports extra. i'm lindsay murphy. i will be your host for what is sure to be an eventful show. the nationals try to get a win against one of the skippers former teams and a local golfer fights for the lead at the barclass. right now, it's about the redskins. the team had a lot to prove as they hosted the patriots last night and what was deemed the most important game of the preseaso and despite 15 penalties costing the skins 113 yards, the team walked away feeling good about their performance. starting with the first drive. jason campbell. santana moss, check it out. a leaping catch and keeps the feet inbounds, 21 yards for the
11:17 pm
first down and a few plays later, it's marcus mason on the one-yard run and thredskins go up 7-0. mason leaves the game with a bruised rib and the x rays were negative. in the second quarter, game tied at 7 and tom brady knows he has randy moss deep and here's the second of the night. landry getting deep there and the patriots go up 14-7. with time winding down in the first half, jason campbell, forced out of the pocket and scrambles left. nobody open. check out the pump fake and goes in for a four-yard touchdown and tied at 17 at the half. to the second half, in at quarterback, he threw a pick returned for a td and redeemed himself, thanks to mark o'mitchell who pulled in the 33- yard score. the redskins lose this one 27- 24 and made progress in the game. we're not getting on, you know, all the things that we need to to play in our division, but we're on our way, you know, i'm
11:18 pm
not discourageed, i'm encouraged in where we're going, but we're not there yet. chris cooly helped jason campbell's cause last night. the second quarter, campbell hooked up with cooly in stride and watched captain chaos and does the rest. the big man down the sideline, resulted in a 73-yard game to help set up the redskins second touchdown. it was his longest career reception on the night. he had two catches for 87 yards and dave feldman caught up with the skins tight end after the game. >> what a great play that was. >> yeah, thank you. i was excited. the corner kind of dropped me and let me get over the top there and had great blocking down field. i wish i could have ran yet all the way but 73 yards, i am excited about that. >> once you caught it, you made great moves and i couldn't tell you. >> i don't want to be slow mo on the field. >> that was a compliment. >> yeah, well, thank you. yeah, i was really excited.
11:19 pm
and i know mark made a great block for me and it was a great part for our offense. we got down and scored the touchdown and was happy to contribute that way. >> nice plays. as the quarterback of a professional football team, you live under a microscope and that is understood, why last night's game was important fo jason campbell. campbell had less than impressive outings in the first two preseason games and stepped it up big time last night, especially on this play. second quarter out of the pocket, nobody's open and showed you this one. pump fakes, the linebacker bites and campbell is in the end zone for a four-yard touchdown. a much-needed boost for the quarterback and will last night's performance lence the critics? >> never, you know, there will be something to think about and if we can be, well, hit the big ball and -- notice santan -- santana, you know, it will be something. it doesn't bother me at all. you alwayshave to move forward because in the business, the nfl quarterback, you don't get scrutinized, you know, with the
11:20 pm
good and bad. >> campbell stayed at least for a day, right? the second year in the preseason hasn't been as smooth as the first and he'll be the first to admit that, he threw an interception and didn't get off to the best start last night and entered the game in the third quarter on the first drive and saw it there and had it picked off and returned 99 yards for a touchdown. it's the third interception in as many games. but the second-year quarterback found some redemption and connects with rookie mark o'mitch oath 33-yard touchdown strike and two series later. that touchdown was huge for brennan. hook have been my deuce, you know. hit the bench now and they cool and they were really positive and said we're going leave you in and we want to see you do good jason campbell. encouraging you and cheering you on. having that, you know, made me want to step up and do something and thank god i did.
11:21 pm
byron leftwitch is named the starting quarterback for the tampa bay buccaneers. he's with the third until teamence is being released by the jaguars two summers ago. time for our first break. up next, the nationals try to rebound from last night's heartbreaker to the st. louis cardinals. geico sports extra will be right back. 
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>> cardinals slugger albert pujols doesn't just hit home runs but wins ball games. the nationals got a taste of that last night as they had a walkoff and a come-from-behind victory. tonight, game two between the cardinals and nationals. the gm mike rizzo in attendance. the nats lead 1-0 and matt
11:24 pm
holiday takes him to deep left field, a 3-run home run. the cardinals out in front, 3- 1. the top of the 6th, nats down 7-2 and adam dunn gets it done. a solo shot to right field the 35th of the year. the nationals down 7-3. the bottom 6th, cards up 8-3 and albert pujols drives one to deep center field and gives chase, crashes into the wall and that didn't feel too good. brendan ryan scores on the double and the nationals are beaten by the cardinals the second straight night, 9-4. tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame goes to former maryland star kevin barnes who tallied his first professional interception last night for the redskins. it came in the third quarter off the patriots quarterback kevin o'connell and not only was it exciting for the rookie cornerback but necessary. >> last week, i broke up -- and could have intercepted it and was kind of hard on myself. >> do anything special?
11:25 pm
like keep the football or anything? >> i wish i would have. i was excited, you know, i had to run -- and i ran out of bounds 20 yards, 30 yards and ran back and spin the ball and -- [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> he probably won't make that miste twice. it's time to take another break. coming up next on geico sports extra, a local golfer is searching for his first career pga tour title. will tiger woods spoil his party. nd'l'lweweicaround, wel back. ♪ ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.
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d.c. united's offense has been shut out the past two lead games, fallen to fifth in the eastern conference and in danger of missing the moves -- play-offs. taking on the chicago fire. no score, united on a free kick and watch this, the ball curls into the box and brian nemoff is there with the header and the second goal of the season. united up early 1-0. and anxious moment, the goalie fights for the loose ball and finally gains control to end the threat. the d h chicago fire 1-0. and pga tour stops in
11:29 pm
jersey city. not far from lady liberty. the fairfax native with his approach shot on number 8 from 98 yards out and i think he's going to like this one. spins back to set up a birdie putt. marino at 7-under apartment marino birdied three straight holes on the back side. 49, 15 and 16, shot a 3-under 68 your co-leader at 9-under. tiger woods on the 14 with the statue of liberty in the background and tiger with 4- under 67, 4-under for the tournament, five shots off the lead and that is all for tonight's edition of geico sports extra. a big thanks goes out to dave feldman, procer rich dunn and the photographer. dave ross will hold down the fort tomorrow night. i'm lindsay murphy, thank you for watching and have a great night.

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